Does Nutrisystem REALLY Work? (My NO BS Review)

Look, I gotta get this out of my chest:

I hate Nutrisystem!

Now, before you leave. Let me explain…

Like you… Before spending my hard earned money on anything I read reviews.

You’re probably asking yourself like I did a few months ago:

Does Nutrisystem Really Work?

Florida State University says it does. says the same.

But… Are these studies for real? I don’t care.

I never really liked much big organizations. In my opinion they can be ea$ily “influenced” to say pretty much anything.

I had to try this for myself.

What made me curious? Envy. That’s right. Someone I hate dearly lost 20 pounds.

I didn’t like much to see her looking amazing on a tight dress while I was curvy, needing to wear a lousy “plus size” outfit.

She said her secret was some diet where she could still eat muffins, pizzas and burritos…

My face at the moment:

my reaction about her diet


I asked the name of the diet and she said Nutrisystem.

Like me, you at this point probably have read a bunch of reviews saying how amazing this food delivery system is and found a promo code …

Something like this (40% OFF for your first order, free shipping, free snacks and shakes):

nutrisystem discount code 40% off

Yes, this is the real deal. You’ll really get the 40% promo code automatically on hitting the button above. That’s a $220 discount code.

Let’s say I know a guy (it’s not that hard to get this deal, trust me).

I have nothing against promotions. But I do have an issue with tricky marketing. I hate when people haven’t even tried something and they go around spreading the gospel of how amazing XYZ product is just to get paid a comission.

Before you make any decision, you should know everything below… That is if you do not want to have any headaches or regrets in the near future.


Today I will tell you my story.

But before starting. Let me answer the question you have running in your mind:

“Will this diet work for ME or NOT? Just give me the ANSWER already!”

Well… It depends. I know, I HATE this answer too.

Here is the deal:

This program worked for thousands of people for over 40 years at this point (that’s what the company says at least). I found online people who lost from 20 to 249 pounds!

If those pictures are REAL I can’t confirm for sure because I haven’t met everyone. But I will share my results. And my results in some way make me believe in those pictures.

I took this pictures from the Nutrisystem website:

nutrisystem results transformations

nutrisystem before after pictures

If it worked for thousands and thousands of people for decades…

The question you should be asking then is:

Can I follow a weight loss program for at least 8 to 12 weeks before seeing significant results?

There is NO promise of miracles here. If you want a overnight transformation with a way too cute FAKE before after picture you are in the wrong place.

It’s simple math. If you are willing to follow it thoroughly for a few weeks, it will work for sure.

Look: Any meal plan that ensures a caloric deficit will make you lose weight.

This is a simple fact most people “know”. However, when you look around and see so many overweight people, it makes you realize people don’t always follow reason.

While following this nutrition plan you’ll burn more energy than what you ingest (assuming you will not cheat the diet multiple times per week).

You will understand what I’m saying over the next few paragraphs.

How Does Nutrisystem Work and How I Lost 30 Pounds

body pineapple shaped

Nope, that ain’t me. I wish, right?

I just think this picture is hilarious in some way. We want our bodies to look like  hers, but we most often end up looking like the pineapple.

Anyway… I always like to have a laugh for no reason. No purpose behind the image.

Finally a Diet Where You Don’t Feel Like You Are In a Diet

Ever since the first week I realized something was different about this diet approach.

I was NOT feeling hungry all the time.

It’s was weird. On the first week I thought it would be impossible to lose weight.

I was eating constantly.

I remember engaging in other weight loss programs or diets where I would feel hungry all the time. My mood would be terrible. Especially when restricting myself from eating carbs.

There is nothing worse than needing to have willpower to avoid bad decisions when you actually are not eating foods which help you to have more willpower.

After being tortured with other diets I have to admit that it was pretty easy to follow the instructions delivered by Nutrisystem.

Nutrisystem has a food philosophy. When you choose to use their regimen, here is what you get straight up:

Balanced Nutrition For Safe Weight Loss: The foods you get to eat were not developed by anyone. All the 150+ foods available in the meal plans you can choose were created with the help of experienced nutritionists. What the heck does it mean? Basically that you will ingest all the required nutrients which your body needs to function properly and still get to lose weight safely. Proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the right proportion. You will be on a caloric deficit, ingesting from 1200-1500 kcal per day but will not feel hungry or get bald because there is a shortage of certain vitamins on your nutrition plan.

Frequent Tasty Healthy Meals: I love to EAT, like ALL the time. But I like to eat good stuff. I will talk more about what types of foods I got when I chose to go with the Core Plan. This was an advantage of this regimen I truly loved. There are plenty of snack options, so I can always keep my mouth busy with something healthy instead of ravaging a chocolate cake. Not ALL foods are extremely tasteful. Some options I truly love (like the red velvet whoopie pie), others not so much. However, it’s definitely cool to have a wide variety of choices instead of needing to eat like rabbit! (which basically is what most fad diets today ask you to do).

Portion Control: This is always painful. You like a lot a certain dish and then you need to eat just a little BIT… When I LIKE something I want to eat a BUNCH of it. However, because the meals are already on defined sizes, it is easier to keep myself under control. And I guess the fact that they combine the right ingredients in order to make you feel full faster help a lot too (like a bunch of fiber and protein can fill you up super quickly).

Yes ALL this is boring. But these three points are the main reason why it works.

You see… Most fad programs and meal plans for losing weight will promise you miracles over a few days. You will go through gigantic pitch pages. Glamorous bodies are flashed. Inumerous fake testimonials…

10 minute workouts, magic pills that will make your body not absorb fat, caffeine mango green tea garcinia capsules which will raise body temperature to make you burn calories while watching TV, …

Jesus Christ! So much crap out there! I get pissed off just by mentioning a few.

I spent a bunch of cash on some of these stuff. That’s why I hate it all.

Nutrisystem has a boring philosophy. No big promises. I guess that’s why it works.

It states you just need to follow the program. Eat the right foods. Make sure you are operating on a caloric deficit daily and the “magic” happens over a few months.

On the first week you will be on the “Turbo Takeoff” meal plan. You will not starve to death. In fact, you will eat pretty regularly some good food.

On the first week I dropped 4 pounds. It was pretty impressive since I was not really expecting to get any results. You know… After being misled so many times it’s kind of hard to be optimistic, right?

What this Turbo Takeoff basically means is that you will ingest only about 1000 Kcal per day. If you do not cheat the program it’s impossible to NOT lose weight. WHY? Well… As you know, just to breath and do nothing your body burns on average 2000 Kcal per day.

It’s impossible to produce calories out of nowhere. Do NOT cheat the meal plan and you will lose weight. Just like I did.

How Did I Become Fat and How I lost Weight “Fast”?

olivia jacobs

My name is Olivia and this one above is me after about four months using Nutrisystem. I even had a professional taking my picture. I hope I’ll keep this no-pineapple like shape…

I love cooking and eating. I hate exercising.

As you can imagine it is not hard for me to gain weight. Running a restaurant with my husband for almost two decades didn’t help either.

Before Nutrisystem I tried all kinds of diets. But I simply hated all the restrictions. Most foods were tasteless.

There is no way I would go for a freaking salad on a restaurant or bar when I saw people eating juicy steaks, hamburgers, fries, lasagnas, pizzas, gnocchi, deserts…

I simply gave up.

My motto was: “Screw it! I will be happy the way I am.”

But that was a lie. I was miserable.

I would be “happy” for a few moments while eating unhealthy tasty foods. Then, I would hate myself for being such a fat ass until the next “happy meal”.

It’s not just that I was fat. The problem is that I didn’t have energy to play with my kids, had major mood swings after all the sugary goods, had trouble finding clothes (and would look terrible in most of them anyway)… You can see where this is going.

You’re probably experiencing some of these issues at this moment. Maybe you even developed serious health problems like diabetes, high blood pressure and colesterol, heart conditions, depression, … I am no doctor but I am very familiar with the whole “weight management issues” narrative and its consequences.

I was not the only fat person I knew. And I still have many overweight friends and family members experiencing all types of health problems related to overweight or obesity.

Being FAT is no joke. I can say this from my own experience.

It’s horrible and all the sugarcoating today around this topic and many other topics are just a bunch of BS.

does nutrisystem really work

I’m cool with self-acceptance. But why should you accept being miserable?

If you are FAT and DYING because of it you have to wake up and take action!

I’m being dead serious here. I don’t even care what choice you make.

Walk? Hydrogymnastics? Diet? Fasting? Rabbit Meal Plan?

I guess anything is better than nothing. I’m sharing what have worked for me.

In about four months I lost 30 pounds with the Nutrisystem weight loss program.

I cheated a few times. Trust me you will do it too. Just don’t give up.

You have to stick with the plan as much as you possibly can. I would say that as long as you are eating around 80 percent of your calories from Nutrisystem foods, that should be enough.

Of course, I didn’t go around eating all types of stuff everyday. However, I did eat one or two Cinnabons per week. And two or three times per month I would eat a nice dinner with my husband on restaurants we are used to attend.

I would use these dinners and Cinnabons as rewards for following the program and losing weight.

And in way I guess I was trying to trick my own mind into believing I was not in a diet and that I could eat anything I wanted.

What You Get When You Choose The Nutrisystem Foods

It depends on the plan you choose. But overall independently of your decision you will have several food choices.

Just like everybody you will probably enjoy some options and dislike others.

Here is what you get besides the foods:

• 24-7 phone support and counseling – I used it multiple times. These guys are AWESOME. They will talk with you for hours about nutrition or anything that is bothering you really. It’s like paying for food and getting a therapist as a bonus! (It’s not available in the basic plan though)
• Foods delivered with free shipping – You will make orders on the website and the foods will be delivered to you with no shipping fee (free shipping is awesome, right?). They will recomend some fruits and vegetables as snakcs, so you will still need to go to the grocery store from time to time. However, your bags will be way ligther 🙂
• Access to an amazing online community and tools – Sharing your experiences with the other people which are following the same meal plan as you is great. We share a lot of tips. Recommend the best food options to pick when making our orders on the website. And the tools like the phone app which helps you track water and caloric intake help a ton as well.

Here are the Nutrisystem meal plans available nowadays:

• Basic
• Core
• Uniquely Yours
• Vegetarian
• Diabetes

Those names are kind of self explanatory. You will be able to customize whatever meal plan that suits your budget and taste as you make your order.

Here is a table which compares the three main options you can choose. I’ll talk about pricing in a bit.

nutrisystem weight loss plans

I myself ordered the Core option (mainly because it enabled me to select meals and have access to the counselors).

Do You Need to Exercise to Lose Weight?

Not really.

In the Nutrisystem program they encourage exercising but it’s not required. The recommendation is 30 minutes per day and it can be broken down into three sessions of 10 minutes.

As I mentioned before I hate exercising. So I simply didn’t do any.

When you talk with anyone which lost a bunch of weight they will tell you that the most important factor is nutrition. And it truly is.

There is no point in killing yourself doing any physical activity if at the end of the day you are consuming more calories than what you’re burning.

Your body naturally has to burn quite a few calories just to keep yourself alive. Being alive requires energy so as long as you do not stuff yourself with a bunch of high calorie meals, it’s certain your weight will start drop.


How Much Does Nutrisystem Cost?

Nutrisystem is relatively cheap. Why relatively?

Well if you compare it with other healthy food delivery systems which start at $675 per month you realize the following pricing is not really expensive.

Depending on how you customize your meal plan the price will range from $240 to $300 per month. That is like $10 bucks per day… Eating at McDonalds is more expensive than that.

Why so cheap? I truly have no idea.

I guess the guys who own Nutrisystem are not so greedy as the other capitalists and have somewhat of a genuine desire in delivering a good weight loss program for a reasonable price.

Lets talk about the cancellation process.

Cancellation Process

I mentioned before that if you truly want it to work you gotta stick with the solution for at least 8-12 weeks. That is the amount of time you will usually need to see jaw dropping results.

On the first week with the Turbo Takeoff meal plan you will very likely experience a considerable weight loss. However, if you need to lose a big amount (like I did), it will take more than a week or month.

Don’t expect to drop 50 pounds on the first month.

Anyway… About the cancellation process…

If you try a certain plan, there’s a 14 day free trial, which means you can get your money back on this 14 day experimentation period.

If you want then to cancel the order you just need to call the guys at Nutrisystem. They will refund you (less shipping costs). If you cancel after the 14 day trial period and right before the second month food package is sent you will be charged a $99 fee.

Is Nutrisystem Safe? Are There Any Possible Health Risks?

There are no health risks associated with following the Nutrisystem weight loss program. Considering it’s on the marktet for over four decades it’s safe to say it will not offer any danger to your health.

The foods are prepared with high quality nutrient dense ingredients and all meals are approved by nutritionists. There are independent studies too demonstrating it’s safe.

And of course… I ate it myself and I can say from experience I’m alive and feleling well!

However, there are a few people which Nutrisystem says their meal plans should not be used (because any caloric restriction meal plan is simply not suited for individuals in the following conditions):

• Pregnant women, because under this condition women usually need a nutrition plan with a caloric surplus instead of a caloric deficit (in order to ensure the health and development of the baby).
• Women breastfeeding a baby under 6 months old (once the baby gets older it’s no problem since Nutrisystem offers meal plans suited for women in this situation).
• People under 18, considering the fact that individuals under this age are still under physical development, a restriction in caloric intake could result in issues.
• Individuals with soy and peanut allergies, because these ingredients are used in several meals.

More Nutrisystem Reviews: You Have to “Work” if You Want it to Work

Look… Most people imagine Nutrisystem’s results will come overnight even if they cheat on the program.

I admit I cheated multiple times and still got great results. But we all have different bodies. There is no miracle here. If you follow the meal plan which will be customized for you (considering gender, height, current weight, and other factors), the results will evetually come.

Below you can read two Nutrisystem Reviews. One from someone who hated it (Martha) and one from someone who loved it (Judy):

Martha's nutrisystem review

judy's nutrisystem review


As you can see the solution worked for both. But they had different goals, different expectations.

Judy followed the program. Lost weight. Felt happy. Therefore, she wrote a positive five stars review. What went wrong with Martha?

Martha lost weight on the first week with the shakes and bars. She even kept following the program for FOUR MONTHS. It was working for her, slowly. However, she says “thought I at least should have lost more”. Here is where the issue stands.

No matter what solution you choose. It will take some time. Just like gaining weight. We do not become obese in a few days. Becoming thin takes some time, becoming fat takes some time.

Apparently what determines success is a willingness to follow the program and not compare yourself with others. Having patience is key in the process of losing weight.

Martha and Judy used the same solution. Both have seen results. The contrast comes from different expectations. Martha wanted a overnight transformation. Judy simply wanted to lose weight.

Asking for help from the counselors and dietitians definitely make an enormous difference too. For me it made a huge difference.

Having someone to share my feelings, who would listen to me carefully, truly paying attention to my concerns and worries was extremely comforting.

Look… Results will be different for almost everyone… We are all different physically…

Sometimes you can start using a diet at the same time with someone who weighs the same as you. You eat the same thing. Drink the same amount of water. But you simply do not lose weight at the same speed.

Be aware of it. Genetics do have an influence on your weight loss.

Age, gender, height, and many other factors have an influence on the amount of time that will take for you to achieve your fitness goals.

But do not use any factor as a rationalization of how this program will not work for you.

Instead try to find all the reasons in the world of why this WILL WORK for you.

Want to see a great example? Here we go…

This is a video from a friend of mine called Amy. Try to guess her age before playing the video!

You see? How many excuses she could play in her head on how this solution would not work for her?

I myself had many doubts before actually going for it.

I’ve read a bunch of reviews about Nutrisystem before actually purchasing it.

Does it really work? Am I not too old for this? Isn’t it just another fad diet? Will I be able to follow this program without cheating?

I can literally list dozens of thoughts which went through my mind. You probably have a bunch of thoughts going through your mind right now.

Look… I can go on and on about how this worked for me. What was my experience and how good I look at this moment. However, this will make no good for you.

I made my best regarding sharing my story, but you have to make a decision.

Nobody will make this for you. You either will try this or not.

You’re in charge. If you think this is not for you after all you’ve read up to this moment. Just walk away.

If you believe it can work for you too, then you can visit or click on the button below for getting a nice forty percent discount and free shipping (plus extra free snacks):

nutrisystem promo code for 40% off

Update (2018): I will keep updating this page with success stories from online and offiline friends. I think it’s quite motivating to see people just like us achieving success.

More Nutrisystem Results

After writing my story I shared it with friends and some got even better results than I did.

Today I will tell you more about the story of an old friend named Susan. Up to now she lost almost 100 pounds!

For accuracy’s sake: She lost exactly 97 pounds, at this point.

It freaked me out a little bit.

Many people asked her if she had done a bariatric surgery.

Just take a look:

Before NutrisystemAfter Nutrisystem Results

Crazy, right?

Susan Worked Harder Than Me

Susan’s transformation didn’t happen overnight.

She worked hard to lose this huge amount of weight. But she showed it’s possible. And I think this is amazing!

How many people have you heard saying things like:

“I am just too fat, I can’t lose all this weight on my own… ”

“I need surgery, it’s impossible to lose so much weight just with diet and exercise…”

“My genetics are too bad and besides that I’m just too old, my body just won’t change…”

We all heard this type of stuff. They are all rationalizations which do not help at all.

With that said. Lets focus on how Susan did it, right?!

How Did Susan Become Obese?

Being a busy modern woman Susan had no time to cook a delicious healthy lunch and dinner, as well as prepare snacks. Working on a full time job and losing hours on commute was truly one of the main reasons stopping her from taking care of herself.

Who has time to cook their own meals these days?

As the majority of busy people struggling with being overweight she would everyday order a fast food bagged lunch and eat it at her table while reading work related emails.

After a soul sucking day Susan just wanted to relax and eat something tasty. So she would go out for enjoying a pleasant meal with her husband or would order something that would arrive fast at her door, like a pizza.

Who can blame the woman for wanting to enjoy herself after a rough day, right?

I related a lot to her, in fact we had similar stories.

We know what happens when we cultive this kind of eating habits.

We get big… In a bad way.

My friend got to a point where she was at 260 pounds!

She always knew she had to improve her eating habits and do some sort of exercising in order to lose weight. But she simply could not find the time to prepare healthy meals. And there was no chance she could spend one or two hours a day in the gym.

So how the hell did she manage to lose almost 100 pounds?

Welll… That’s where we start exploring the happy part of her story!

Stick around! I will tell you all about her transformational journey.

Breaking a Sweat

As in all important moments of change, Susan told me her journey started with one DECISION.

Looking at her herself in the mirror she said: Enough is enough!

She got tired of getting tired all the time with short walks. Being ashamed when needing to get new clothes. Feeling ugly and frustrated every time she looked at the mirror…

Susan decided she would NEVER let herself down again.

And the most important thing, she took ACTION and asked for HELP.

At first she started walking on the weekends with her husband. She sorted out a few beginner workout videos on Youtube and started doing 10 minutes per day of simple exercises at her living room.

But she knew that exercising alone would not be enough. The junk food had to go.

Looking For Healthy Packged Food

So the search for healthy snacks and meals started.

The first try was on Whole Foods. But soon Susan realized the joke “Whole Foods = Whole Paycheck” had some truth in it.

Then the experimentation of horrible tasting healthy snacks, shakes, frozen foods, and other supposedly “natural organic gluten free whole grain” things started.

After getting all types of stuff on the supermarkets and “natural food” stores, we finally stumbled over each other.

Susan straight up complimented me on the new shape. We catched up. And I introduced her to Nutrisystem.

Getting to Know Nutrisystem

Susan ordered her first month as soon as she got home.

Once the big box arrived at her door and she ate the first meals we talked over the phone. The excitement in her voice was evident.

She couldn’t believe how good the meals tasted. After trying all kinds of meals she simply couldn’t believe the stuff she was eating was actually healthy and that she would lose weight with it.

We talked quite a bit and I made clear to her the program was safe and healthy, and that the the whole program was designed by qualified nutritionist and dietitians. If she had any doubt she could call the Nutrisystem team and they would explain to her whatever she wanted.

Long story short… She kept using the Nutrisystem meals.