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2014’s Internet Food Trends

December 19, 2014

Today we’re going to take a break from particular advice, tips, and tricks — instead, we’re going to talk about 2014’s food trends. Not necessarily restaurant trends, but trends about what people are searching for most online. Google recently released a list of the most popular items searched in various categories, and taking a look at what people are looking at might just give us an idea of what’s trending, what’s popular, and what should be on your mind as a restaurateur trying to cater to your customer base. Let’s run through them quickly. I’ll leave you to (mostly) draw your own conclusions, but if there’s interest we can always go more in depth next week.

urlFirst, beer and cocktails: despite the recent popularity of craft beer and microbrews, the most Googled beer brands are still the good old American standards like Budweiser, Miller, and Blue Moon, along with imports like Corona. (I promised I wouldn’t editorialize, but do keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily mean your menu should be full of convenience store beers; the type of restaurant you’re running and the demographic you’re serving makes a huge difference.) As far as cocktails go, this most searched for are margaritas, martinis, sangria, mojitos, and mimosas — all classic, traditional drinks that any bar should be able to produce.

When it comes to actual food, kale and quinoa are so last year. The new number one hipster trendy foods are chia seeds and goji berries. If you’re customers are into ordering super foods, these are easy ingredients to incorporate in a variety of dishes, especially at breakfast time. The most popularly searched international cuisine was Chinese (yum!), followed by French, Indian, and Japanese. Perhaps this can get the creative juices flowing — what kind of fusion foods could you offer on your menu?

But when it comes down to it, what was the most important part of the Google statistics for us to consider? Well, simply: “restaurant” was still searched for far more than “recipe.” You needn’t worry — your customers aren’t about to stop eating out! I’ll be back next week. Until then, comment below or contact us here.

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