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Ten Tips for Holiday and Special Occasion Marketing, Pt. 2

December 12, 2014

6. Holiday decorating. Every restaurant has sort of a baseline decor — the way your restaurant looks most days of the year, the overall theme and ambiance. But one way to keep things fresh and exciting, and therefore bringing in new customers for special occasions. Whether it’s Christmas lights on Christmas, Jack-o-Lanterns on Halloween, or hearts on Valentine’s Day, there are ways you can alter your overall look just a little bit to coincide with major holidays. These minor changes help your restaurant from feeling old or stale.

santa_hat_2_by_raven_syr-d359suf7. Host a fundraiser or charitable event. Be an active part of your community by hosting a holiday fundraiser, like a food, coat, or toy drive for the less fortunate. Nothing’s more irritating, especially in tight-knit communities, than a business that comes in and makes no effort to be local. So be local! Be part of the community! Give back, and your customers will repay you.

8. Be P.C. If you leave your house at all during December, it’s not news to you that retail workers and food servers rarely say “Merry Christmas” these days, and that’s probably for the best. Sure, your average customer understands the positive, warm sentiment of whatever you might say, but it’s not worth the risk of alienating customers who might be offended. Stick with a nice, neutral “Happy Holidays.”

9. Do something a little crazy for the holidays. Why not pull a fun stunt? Maybe your restaurant could be a haunted house on Halloween, or your staff could wear Santa and elf hats on Christmas. You don’t have to do anything too elaborate, but showing you have a sense of humor and run a fun restaurant certainly can’t hurt.

10. Advertise! No matter which of these tips you decide to follow, they won’t be all that helpful unless you advertise! Like always, you should take advantage of social media, online advertising, and advertising in more traditional means like the local paper, but the holiday season opens up a few extra opportunities — maybe you could advertise in the local theatre troop’s program for their holiday show, or in the food section of the local paper, which is always full of holiday cooking tips this time of year. Be creative! Just make sure you’re spreading the word.

I’ll see you next week. Until then, comment below or contact us here.

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