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Ten Tips for Holiday and Special Occasion Marketing, Pt. 1

December 10, 2014

1. Send greeting “cards.” People love sending and getting cards on the holidays, so why don’t you send them one from your restaurant? It doesn’t have to be a traditional card (thought it could be!): you could send a postcard, an e-card, an email blast, you name it. Just make sure the message attached seems more like a greeting than a promotion or advertising, and consider including a signature from the owner so it feels personal.

tumblr_static_decorated-christmas-tree2. Offer a birthday gift. Studies show that more than 50% of Americans eat out on their birthday. If you send them an offer for a free drink, free dessert, free appetizer, free whatever, you’ll put yourself in the running to be the restaurant that choose for that special occasion.

3. Sell gift certificates. Everyone enjoys giving gifts on special occasions and during the holiday season; offering gift cards for purchase allows you to take benefit from the giving spirit, and allows your customers to express their loyalty to your delicious food.

4. Tie-in holiday specific promotions. It’s not enough to just know what holiday is coming up, you have to tie it in to your marketing! Limited time offers are a great way to take advantage of various holidays: a special prix fixe menu on New Years, a special meal for two on Valentine’s Day, a free glass of Champagne on Christmas eve — whatever tie-in you choose, it’s a great way to get in the spirit and bring in customers during the holiday season.

5. Throw a party. Why not throw a holiday party? If you’re the type of establishment that can support a party, it might be worth considering. Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve are all great opportunities to have a special themed party with a special menu, music, and drinks for your customers. Sell tickets or charge at the door — just make sure you spread the word beforehand!

I’ll be back with five more tips on Friday. Until then, comment below or contact us here.

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