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Three Great Sandwiches You Need on Your Menu

December 8, 2014

Happy Monday, readers. Hope it’s less cold wherever you are, and less about to rain. (What is it with this weather?) I’m sitting down for lunch today with a giant, warm, delicious, comforting sandwich — an underappreciated menu item, sometimes — so I thought I dig through our recipe archives and bring you three sandwich ideas that might make a splash on your lunch or dinner menu: they’re quick, convenient, and good for eating in or taking out!

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
When I was in college — which wasn’t all that long ago — it seemed like every single takeout menu had buffalo chicken items (subs, pizzas, you name it); it also seemed like every single college student ordered at least three buffalo chicken somethings per day. This simple but delicious buffalo chicken sandwich might remind your customers of pulled pork, but spicier and leaner and with the addition of creamy bleu cheese or ranch. It’s no wonder buffalo chicken is so popular!

154Roast Beef Hoagie
I’ve posted our french dip panini recipe before, but I like roast beef so much I’m going to post this recipe, too! This one’s a little different: with mushroom sauce, green peppers, and onions soaking into the delicious roast beef and soft, chewy, warm hoagie, you really can’t get much more comforting than this and still have a sandwich. Delicious!

Sloppy Joes
A weeknight childhood favorite that I personally like so much I still make them from time to time. Who doesn’t like a sloppy joe? Our recipe is warm, hearty, comforting, nostalgia-inducing, and so, so, so simple. It’s easy to make, easy to order, and sure to be a customer favorite for family dinners!

I hope you enjoy trying these delicious sandwich recipes on your menu — try rolling them out as specials, and if they’re as popular as I suspect they’ll be, then add them to your everyday menu! Show the simple sandwich some love!

I’ll be back Wednesday; until then, comment below or contact us here.

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