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Creating Brand Loyalty Among Millenials, Pt. 2

December 3, 2014

Today we’ll go through the final tips in this week’s posts about creating brand loyalty among millenials, perhaps the most important demographic to court in order to be successful as a restaurant. These young people have serious spending power, and if you can engender their loyalty now, you’ll have long term customers for…well, who knows how long.

Without further ado:

imgresTreat sustainability seriously. How many times have I posted about sustainability? Whether it’s energy efficient appliances, locally sourced ingredients, or shelf stable food items as the backbone of your ordering, the point remains: today’s consumers really do care about the environment. It’s not an act. So, of course, it can’t be an act for you either! You should definitely boast about your efforts to be more sustainable — whether it’s overhauling your kitchen or using recyclable takeout containers — but make sure you’re following through. It’s not hard these days to find out what businesses are full of hot air. Say you take sustainability seriously, and then, you know, take it seriously.

Offer healthy options for everyone. If you’re an everyday restaurant, rather than fine dining, you might need to rethink your market. Are you courting the wealthy, or the healthy? Among millenials, the belief that everyone — regardless of socio-economic status — deserves access to healthy options is important. If you take serious steps with your menu to offer affordable, healthy options, your customers will thank you for it with their continued business. This is also a great thing to consider in your marketing: if you have a healthy, fairly priced menu, why not brag about it?

Be transparent. Have you ever seen episodes of restaurant reality shows where the hapless owners have lashed out against bad reviews on Yelp? Baaaad move. Being defensive and unable to admit to your mistakes is one way to never create loyal customers. Strive never to make mistakes, of course, but understand that you will, and that owning up to and correcting them is the way to guarantee you have happy customers.

I hope these tips have been helpful; I’ll be back Friday with a different topic. Until then, comment below or contact us here.

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