The One-Stop Guide to Hiring the Best Employees, Pt. 2

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August 1, 2017

If you’re looking to recruit and hire new employees for your restaurant business, you must begin by planning. To make sure you hire the best candidate in the most efficient, expedient manner, you must have a plan set up which you will follow throughout the process.

You want to make sure you plan carefully and deliberately in order to hire the best person for the job in the most efficient, cost effective manner.

First, consider the biggest question: what can you afford? Going into the hiring process knowing how much you have to spend on whatever it is you need is an important step — you have to know the financial constraints before you start making offers or negotiations, and before you even think about posting ads or job listings. This requires you to consider not just how much money you have to go toward a new employee’s salary (part time or full time? benefits? salary?), but also how much you want to spend on the process of finding and hiring the best employee. Not all job listings or other recruitment tools are free, after all, and the time and money you spend finding, hiring, and training new employees must all be considered. If you spend too much during this process, you’re robbing your business of profits, but if you spend too little you’re severely limiting the pool of potential applicants, meaning you’ll probably not be getting the best potential employees you could otherwise.

Next, you must think about who it is you want. What level of experience does your ideal candidate have? What personal qualities are desirable? How will they fit in with your staff, as well as the overall goals and commitment to excellence of your business? Finally, would it benefit you to consider greater diversity when hiring? Of course, you may realize during this planning process that someone already working for you would be a perfect fit for this vacant role, in which case you may end up hiring to replace their old position!

Finally, consider your timeline. How quickly do you need this position filled? Do you have time to deliberate and carefully pick and choose? Once hired, you’ll have to train the new employee — how long will it take you train them, and do you need to hire them before the position is vacant in order for them to be trained? If you hire too slowly, you may lose strong early applicants; too quickly and you may fill the position without enough consideration of who’s available. If you mistime your hiring and training process completely, you may end up having difficulty teaching the new employee how to even do his or her job, which is a waste of your time and ultimately your money. All these details need to be carefully considered as you create your recruitment & hiring plan.

Once you’ve considered all the options and variables, and you have a plan, you’ll be ready to move on to the next step.

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