The One-Stop Guide to Hiring the Best Employees, Pt. 1

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July 1, 2017

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As promised, I’m bringing you another series of posts on one topic this week. This time, we’re focusing on hiring & recruitment in the food service and hospitality industry — in other words, how to find and hire the best staff you possibly can, from top to bottom. I’m going to give you step-by-step, in-depth instructions on how to start from scratch with recruiting and hiring employees, from posting a classified ad all the way to bringing your new employee into the fold.

Let’s start by outlining the stages of this process:

waiter serving food

1. Job Opening
Perhaps obviously, this process begins when a job opens up and you need to fill it. From there, you have to have a great job description, beginning with a description of the role you need filled and finally a write-up of that particular definition — something we’ll go over in more depth later. This is the first step for you, and for those out there looking for work, and you want to make sure to appeal to them as much as possible to intice the best recruits.

2. Recruitment
Once you have an opening and a job description explaining its requirements, demands, and benefits, you need to think about where to post it. Whether you’re using job boards, corporate websites, social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.), Craiglist, or old fashioned print classifieds, you need to figure out how to target the people you most want to see and consider your job.

3. Screening & Interview
Since you can only get so far on online applications or mailed in resumes, the interview process is one of the most important steps during hiring. Once you’ve screened applications and narrowed them down to attractive candidates, you’ll still want to meet or talk to them in person to get a since of what they’re like and how they’ll fit in at your restaurant and in the role they’ve applied for. We’ll talk more about the best practices for screening and interviews so you’ll be prepared.

4. Making an Offer
Finally you’ll have found the person(s) you want to hire, and you’re at the final stage. Hopefully it’s a relief now that you’ve checked their references, met them in person, and realized what a great fit they’ll be. You still have to offer them the job, and they still have to accept it. Even as hard as it is to find work, there’s always a chance they wont — maybe someone else has already hired them. But oh well — you just have to be prepared to make an offer to another strong candidate.

’ll go over these stages and everything contained within them in much greater detail later.

Check back then — for now, comment below.


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